5 Dumbest Goofs In JOKER!

Number 1
Arthur can be seen running in clown shoes, but just a second later, he’s seen running in his own black street shoes.

Number 2
When Arthur shoots the three men in the subway, he’s using a Smith and Wesson Chief Special 38 which only holds six rounds, but you can clearly hear Arthur shoot the gun eight times without reloading.

Number 3
Joker is in the back of police car #9189, and it is crashed and damaged not too long after he’s put in. When Joker comes back to consciousness, one of the two police cars that responds is #9189.

Number 4
While the film is set in 1981, the Energizer bunny appears in a commercial, but he wasn’t introduced until 1988.

Number 5
There’s also a Kellogg’s commercial featuring Keanu Reeves. This commercial wasn’t aired until 1987.


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25 thoughts on “5 Dumbest Goofs In JOKER!

  1. KillerKinkstar

    First one, not even a goof you can see the yellow of the clown shoes

    Second, fourth and fifth ones are all likely intentional since it is recognised by the director and many other writers for the character that the joker is an unreliable narrator, its why he has like 8 different origins

    As for the third one, thats a big maybe but also might be intentional considering the former

  2. Mr. West

    Those "goofs" help show the difference between reality and his version of what he wants reality to be.

    When things are not quite right, the movie writers are showing that it never happened, that it was all in his head.

  3. Patrick Abraham

    I bet none of it is a goof.
    This story unfolds in this guys mind.
    He saw a police car with a number? The police car he was in had this number.
    This is what the brain does to fill in gaps and it's a medical condition.