A Bat-Video Full of Bat-Facts about Batman (because who really cares about The Flash)

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“Two Finger Johnny” by Kevin MacLeod (
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“Samba Isobel” Kevin MacLeod (incompetech.com)
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25 thoughts on “A Bat-Video Full of Bat-Facts about Batman (because who really cares about The Flash)

  1. Matthew Hills

    Why would he need shark repellant in the helicopter? Rescuing people lost at sea, if the helicopter crashed at sea, daring disreputables dastardly depriving denisins of diamonds during their daily doings at the deep aquarium.

  2. Katherine L

    I rarely watch, but I LOVE listening to this channel while I’m busy working around the house.
    Just finished this video while laying down mulch in the garden, and it makes the whole process much more enjoyable.
    Thanks to everybody at Big Wangers, Massive Wangers, or whatever it’s actually called. ❤

  3. J Fess

    As someone who grew up in the era when the Adam West Batman series was common on television after school, there was a day of revelation for many of us when we finally realized that it was a spoof. Prior to that, we had accepted everything as being serious. The episode that finally did it for me had Robin being saved by grabbing a rope with this teeth, followed by Batman saying "Robin, you owe your life to dental hygiene. "

  4. Mattie

    I think what I've figured out from this is that, for one, the dolphin didn't sacrifice its life, Aquaman controlled it and sacrificed its life. And 2, Batman is in a game loop. Everytime he dies, he rolls back, and so he knows what's going to kill him, and develops a tool in preparation for it the next time. Everytime we see him surprised, it's the first time he is in that situation, but he's gotten near this point hundreds of times.

  5. Zerato Lizardra

    I think the big reason why even when it became a open thing that Kevin Conroy was gay was the fact that him being gay wasn't important to who he is. Like little nas x pretty much made like 2 songs and used the fact that he's gay wherever criticized. If DC would choose a gay actor to be anyone and just announced it as being whoever and not mention that they are gay or trans or anything and it was just "this person is Batman!" Outside the people who cry about every little thing no one would really care unless it was just a overall bad choice

  6. throwback19841

    Heath Ledger: Its true, he simply did a great job as the joker. It was when he finished the job and found himself with a big massive pile of money and nothing to do for weeks on end that he hit the substances hard. A situation I know rather too well.

  7. Dresden Lancer

    Since it came up again, i just gotta say. The Shark Repellant in the Bat-copter was probably not designed for mid-air shark attacks. It's most likely for if his Bat-Copter goes down in the water and while he is trying to get back to Gotham, he gets attacked by sharks, whales, and barracudas. It just so happens that, because he is prepared for *that*, the preparedness transfers to mid-air shark attacks too.

  8. Señor Cig

    Ezra Miller is such a cool dude. Recently a young fan fell asleep on his shoulder while getting a selfie. For more info google ‘Ezra Miller kid napping’

  9. Cheshire Deimos

    Two things I always point out about Batman The Movie: 1) The Joker has a mustache UNDER his white makeup. 2) In order to re-hydrate all the dusted members of the UN there is a rig setup with the test tube of dust, a hose of water, and a stand with a large pole holding it all in place. 7:43 The UN members reanimate on top of this contraption. This is proof positive that everyone in government has a 2 foot metal rod up their ass.