Am I a furry?

This is a really fun one!
00:00 Intro
00:23 Marvel Legends
02:12 McFarlane DC
03:00 Hot Toys Batman and Wonder Woman
05:52 Mythic Legion All Stars
07:00 Retro Indiana Jones
07:52 5 Nights at Freddy’s
08:50 Neca TMNT
09:44 GI Joe Haslab
14:26 Defenders of Eden
16:25 MDLX Ultra Magnus
17:58 Kensai The Nameless
20:00 Assassin Cat
22:05 Mezco Superman
23:55 Shin Japan Heros Universe
25:25 Kotobukiya Rogue
27:20 Ramen Toys Marshal
28:50 MOVIES
40:48 Aaaaaaand finally!

Opening Animation by @stopmotionzach on Instagram

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44 thoughts on “Am I a furry?

  1. Cole

    More Creator Corner, please! I cannot believe how many innovative and creative people there are. Any IG or Etsy, etc. shop I can support, I'm happy to! Thanks for introducing us to gundamike!

  2. RetroTube

    My MAFEX Magneto is in the mail, I haven't got him in hand yet. Why didn't you like it? It looks like it could be the figure of the year to me. Are you gonna do a review video for it?

  3. Doc Avenger

    could you just imagine getting four of those rabbits and have them be like four turtles I love the FuRay I got the Croc bounty Hunter, the Tiger guy gonna be on the way sooner, gonna get the Nameless one, wow the Brave star is gonna be some thing to look into need some space cowboy.

  4. Doc Avenger

    I’m not gonna preorder Ms marvel and Captain Marvel ,but when I find them I’ll get them I’m gonna give those two away cause i just want the BAF Piece’s I don’t want them this where we miss Dork side toys where you would just buy the BAF if you want, with Mythic legion I would want The Crusader knight and that would be

  5. Legoben98 Productions

    29:35 at least Chris had fun! Especially when he learned that he has a potential for getting Alzheimer’s.

    Can’t say anything about the movie itself, was hoping for a more heartfelt personal story about Thor and Jane with the storyline that it was suppose to be based on…

  6. Legoben98 Productions

    Not a fan of the hot toys Batman repaint. It doesn’t look good and I love the classic blue and grey outfit! I think that bale’s outfit works ONLY in its intended look. Might have looked better if the cape was blue as well.
    Thank goodness I can’t afford or reason myself to get hot toys.
    WW looks great though.

  7. Mistersensitive75

    If you get titty cat you have to track down that super weird human centaur lady that you showed us a while back. Just make a shelf of Island Of Doctor Moreau type hybrid monstrosities 😂

  8. Zolerous

    I'm so tempted to pre-order the FF4 from Mezco, but i just know from all the delays they are having technical issues with some of the engineering on those figs.

    That oriental Spider-Verse movie poster…wow 🤯 I want that on my wall!

  9. Tom Bowling

    Meghan & Harry are highly offended by this upcoming Marvel Legends Wave. Harry commented, "It just goes to show you that Dwight, Ryan and Dan are a right lot of bellends!"

  10. Romeo Alpha68

    I will get the Marvel Boy . Even if he looks like Ensign Ro ( Michelle Forbes ) from Star Trek the next Generation .
    Amadeus Cho Hulk weirdly looks like Mark Ruffalo .

  11. TitularHeroine

    Thank you for this plethora! That means a lot😁😃😀😐😶 (sorry…)
    Carte Blanche and Willy Nilly ('7:07) sound like a 1930's brother-sister highway bandit team (I am so sorry…)

  12. Blake Tarpley

    Dave I have a new music recommendation-well 2021. Stan Bush did a new song called "Stand or Fall" that could easily be incorporated into that Transformers soundtrack.

  13. Fuzzy Barbarian

    Dave, you should know that the S.H.Figuarts Yuzuriha (from Hell's Paradise: Jigokuraku) figure was announced a few days ago is going up for pre-order soon (as in literally today in Japan and Australia). She is a flirty anime ninja girl with nice… assets. Seems right up your alley, other than not being a cat girl 😛

  14. Fuzzy Barbarian

    The Sonar Joker is such a weird release. I'm fairly sure he appears onscreen like that for around 3 seconds at best.

    Thank you! I have never liked the mouth opening for the Bale Batsuits. They look so weird! That and the helmet shape! The Pattinson Batsuit does the grounded thing a lot better (other than cartoonish invincibility it has), albeit not the "realistic riot gear" thing Bale's one was going for.

    Furay Planet always has me so tempted. I'm this close to getting their Veteran William figure. Or maybe three. Listen, I like my werewolves. The two figures here look sweet.