Batman: The Animated Series 1×47 REACTION!! “Harley and Ivy”

Eric and Aaron react to and discuss Season 1 Episode 47 of Batman: The Animated Series – Harley and Ivy – Episode order for this Reaction Series will match the order available at HBO MAX – #batmantheanimatedseries #batman

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00:00 – Intro
00:59 – Reaction
11:06 – Joker’s Not Dead
11:31 – Harley Without Joker
12:13 – Gay Characters
13:20 – Not Much Batman
14:05 – The Council of Sexism
14:42 – House Appliances of Doom
15:31 – Middle Name Is Welcome
16:12 – Fun Evil
17:15 – Choosing A Weekend Date?
17:54 – Outro

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34 thoughts on “Batman: The Animated Series 1×47 REACTION!! “Harley and Ivy”

  1. TheSpaceman332211

    I remember watching this as a kid and the joker would punch, beat up and throw things at Harley Quinn 😂🤣😂🤣😂🤣😂. I wonder if they will show that side in the joker 2.

  2. Avocado11

    Rogues appearances so far…

    – Joker: 10

    – The Mob (Thorne, etc): 8
    – Poison Ivy: 6
    – Two-Face: 5

    – Catwoman: 5

    – Scarecrow: 4

    – Harley: 4

    – Mad Hatter: 3

    – Evil business men: 3

    – Penguin: 3

    – Manbat/woManbat: 3

    – Evil Robots: 3

    – Clayface: 2

    – Killer Croc: 2

    – Riddler: 2

    – Al Ghul family: 1

    – Count Vertigo: 1

    – Hugo Strange: 1

    – Mr Freeze: 1

    – Clock King: 1

    – Dr Moreau: 1

    – Evil Ninja: 1

    – Captain Hook: 1

    – Mad Bomber: 1

    – Wolfman: 1

  3. K. Delpino

    This is without a doubt for the fans of the female rogues in the universe.

    Harley being a new character.

    Ivy being straight from the comics.

    But making up a pretty good pair.

    Much of a match against Batman, Joker and any other dude period.

    Also this certainly brings across (for the first time), the abusive relationship that between Joker & Quinn.

    Obviously this leads to the point that no abusive relationship is ok.

    Even if it's considered a hallmark.

    In hindsight, this also shows that Harley & Ivy are definitely beloved as an team-up in future stories (animated or comics).

  4. Nick Smyth

    According to Bruce Tim & Paul Dini, there was a moment in this episode that was cut by the censers which showed Harley & Ivy wearing each other’s shirts, implying they were sleeping together, so these 2 were romantic couples from day 1!

  5. Core Harmonic

    Ah yes, the episode of the Toxic Feminist being hypocritical (but when are they not), bitching, complaining, hating men and masculinity, were convenience and assumption are key & The Toxic Hopeless Romantic in love with the Toxic Psychopath as usual. I was waiting for Eric to hear the One driver yelling after the chase scene, the Joker Socks line & the scream when he saw the news papers. Hilarious.🤣

  6. kayokango

    A lot of later media attempted to either recreate this episode or expand on its premise. And all of it never even came close. Much of it is awful. The rest is meh. Harley was at her best in the DCAU. Despite her popularity she's never been as good since. Also, while it was fun in the early going, Poison Ivy's association with Harley has ultimately hurt her as a character over the years as well.

  7. John

    I think Paul Dini said that the more he wrote stories with Harley and Ivy together, the more he could see them being a couple. However, he couldn't actually do it because the network wouldn't let him. That's why I think there's sort of hints towards it, like with the two of them wearing just T-shirts and underwear in their house. I know in the episode 'Holiday Knights' from the new batman adventures there's another moment like that.

  8. startrekkid205

    Y'all are watching the episodes out of the original order because after the Laughing Fish episode the Joker does not make his appearance until quite some time afterwards.

  9. Horror Buff

    This is one of my top ten episodes of the series. I love this pair and it makes since that people ship them together. They both hate men but Harley is so crazy she goes back to the joker every time.

  10. Carn

    The fact that a 1993 episode of a 'kids cartoon' had such blatant suggestive representation in it is pretty astounding. And awesome. 🙂