Crafting My Witcher Costume

I’ve been binge-watching crafting YouTube channels to gather ideas for creating foam cosplay pieces, and I’ve finally decided to dress up as the Witcher for Halloween this year.

First, I cut out all the templates from construction paper and tested their sizing on my body before cutting the actual materials.

Here are the tools I used for this project:
– Scissors
– Tape measure
– Rotary tool
– Sandpaper
– Hot glue
– Contact cement
– Plasti Dip
– Acrylic paints
– Sewing machine
– Exacto knife

For the sword, I used the following materials:
– Eva foam
– Wooden dowel
– Craft wood pieces
– Leather cord

To create the bracers, I used:
– Eva foam
– Black vinyl
– 1″ buckles
– Leather studs

And for the chest armor, these materials were used:
– Black vinyl
– Chrome eyelets
– Leather cord

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