DC – The Flash Movie 2023 Spoiler Review #goodmovie #greatacting

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8 thoughts on “DC – The Flash Movie 2023 Spoiler Review #goodmovie #greatacting

  1. Zach Milne Talks Movies

    Weird choice to have George Clooney end this movie. I thought the movie was incredibly bizarre but I really enjoyed it. Ezra delivered a fun and dynamic performance. Keaton was awesome to see back in the suit on the big screen. While I don’t think they stuck the landing, I enjoyed the ride this took me on.

  2. Hall of Fame Productions

    @ 31:45 Barry from the Zack Snyder Justice league went back in time ONLY a few minutes to save the day.

    The Barry in this movie is the same one and he went back in time a whole day. It's the same Barry.

    He already knew he could travel back a few minutes but this was the first time he actually entered the "speed force" and realized he could traveling back days and maybe even years.

    That's what gave him motivation to try and save his mom.
    The problem is before when he would go back a few minutes, all it did was just give them a 2nd chance. It never changed anything.

    Going back years changes everything which is something he learned in this movie.

  3. Hall of Fame Productions

    @ 9:34 that's you are right.
    In the Terminator movies Judgement Day is inevitable and in the Avenger's movies the Thanos battles are inevitable.
    They exist in almost every universe.

    That's what Michael Keaton was talking about with the spaghetti.