Funbearable #46 – Pitch Doctors: The Flash

This is the first official iteration of PITCH DOCTORS on the Funbearable feed! “Pitch Doctors” is a segment that Chuck, Brad and Ray used to do together on The Chuck and Brad Podcast, where the three boys bring their own pitches to the table for a current movie coming out.
This week, we’re doing “Pitch Doctors: The Flash,” or more accurately, “Pitch Doctors: Our DC Cross-Overs!” The Flash is DC’s new multiverse film (bringing back Michael Keaton’s Batman for the first time in 30 years) and we decided to let you bears in on the great question: “If Ray, Brad and Chuck were tasked with a DC Cross Over film – what would they pitch?”

Video edit by Craig Depina. / @funbearablepod

#dc #flash #batman #dceu #dcuniverse

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