Has Been Finger Family – Jabroni Mike Finger Family Night

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13:07 Finger Family
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38 thoughts on “Has Been Finger Family – Jabroni Mike Finger Family Night

  1. ChaoticPøchi

    loved the vile claymation ones. they definitely are made for children to see the meme character and click on the video, and kids are morbidly curious about horror and gore nowadays. so on top of being genuinely creatively disturbing there’s just also the factor they prey on that curiosity

  2. Pancakes

    Hazbin and Helluva are ok, and even have some really great moments. The issue is that Viv CAN be a great writer when she wants to be, but she's too full of herself to ever listen to criticism. So because of that there's a lot of overarching problems in her work-

    Shit humor
    Shit dialogue
    Shit pacing
    Shit character design
    Picking obvious favorite characters
    Trying too hard to appeal to Tumblr and Furries

    There are glimpses of a genuinely great show every once and a while in Helluva Boss, but it's ultimately dragged down by its creators. While I personally recommend giving it a chance, I 100% understand why people hate it.

  3. Emma Is Epic

    I've FINALLY been able to completely catch up on mike's finger family vods; i haven't got far into the video yet but after seeing the title and some of the comments, i'm genuinely dreading this one…


    Edit 2: why does the pink catgirl character in the teen Z animations look like an animation memer's OC?????

  4. Cassie C.

    is it bad that i unironically lowkey appreciate the teen z ones? like yeah they still follow the weird finger family formula but at least they have their own designs and animation, as well as fully rendered endcards. ngl i hope we see more i am morbidly curious.

  5. Scrittle

    Mike says taking time out of his stream schedule to address chat "isn't a stunlock", because he "seeks negative comments" to content farm. A clear "it isn't x, it's xy" response, Mike is megacoping.

  6. Borti_Ovi

    Why do I get the harsh feeling this finger family stream is gonna crumple me up like paper more so than the ones prior?

    37:35 …Why, Mike? Why would you taint such a beautiful childhood song of mine!? 🥺
    But seriously, I don’t hear it. At its simplest, I can hear “E-e-e, A-h-h-h, O-h-h-h-h” but there’s no S sound anywhere that makes it sound like what you’re hearing. My memory with that song is so vivid, it will always be “The End, ohhhhhhh!” no matter what other interpretation I hear: even the “A-h-h” sounds more like “E-h-h”.
    43:28 God bless Vinny, that wholesome b@$tard! Even though I doubt that interpretation as well, that still got me in the chest!

  7. Grimple Clasper

    "ever been cheated on by a somebody with a diaper kink"

    Thats such a powerful engagement question I simply had to point it out. Still dunno the entire mystery behind Habbo Hotel and Hellboss, sounds like a whole rabbit hole

  8. Shady Figure

    I was skipping around to see what was going on and got to here 4:51:44 with no context, I literally thought it was another one of those "Finger Family Characters react to wacky life hacks" type videos…

  9. Vapor95


    That Harley Quinn annoys me. For starters, it's very heavily based off a totally different character "Duela Dent" right down to the mannerisms and personality (Harley wasn't really crazy, it was all some sort of an act to gain the Joker's affection and she was actually very cowardly and timid when backed into a corner) But mostly, that outfit makes Harley look like a Fentanyl Whore.

  10. blobbem

    Was never expecting to see The Owl House in one of these streams. And the fact that the first story is about breaking up the canon lesbian couple, lmao.

  11. BulkyPigeon

    The claymation ones are so disturbing because the animators are CLEARLY talented, but they are using those talents for evil. I guess this is really indicative of the lack of work for stop motion artists in the animation industry. (Source, I do stop motion animation as a student and I could only WISH my work looked as clean and smooth as these frankly vile videos)