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In the Oct. 31 incident, a man wearing a costume reminiscent of Batman villain the Joker injured 17 people, including one seriously, suicide squad joker costume during the attack on a Keio Line train. In the worst incident on a bullet train, a man set himself alight on a shinkansen in June 2015, killing himself and a woman in her 50s. A total of 26 other passengers were injured, including two seriously, among the around 800 aboard. A man was arrested on suspicion of attempting to start a fire on a shinkansen bullet train in southwestern Japan on Monday morning, in an incident that appeared to be inspired by a recent arson attack on a train in Tokyo on Halloween, police said. Some shinkansen services were temporarily suspended, kids joker costume resulting in delays of up to 50 minutes and affecting around 900 passengers. Prop Store chief executive Stephen Lane said the items are ‘a fantastic collection of over 900 artefacts for movie fans to get excited about’. This villain was revived from the latest 2019 film, Joker, a movie that tells the story of Arthur Fleck’s life before he became known as the Joker. On a script level, there’s the promise of some big reveal coming soon, but the back and forth between the two never rises above Selina smacking Joker around and yelling at him.

King’s scripts are usually at their best when there’s some humor mixed in with all the self-loathing and this scene fits that bill. Have a freaky Halloween everyone, and remember, scarers work best in the dark. There is nothing like Pennywise roaming the streets on Halloween night! Finally, there is a green printed shirt that has the same design as the film, which even can be clearly seen in the neck and cuffs. The Good Place came to an end in January 2020, but you can still pay tribute to your favorite heartfelt comedy and dress up as Janet. Pair a red vest with your favorite worn denim shorts for a laid-back look. Surprise your friends with a quick costume change into a red vinyl look, and stun your neighbors in your scarlet catsuit with headpiece, matching boots and gloves. But the darkness and sexuality are why the catsuit has remained so memorable over the years, because it has no precedent before or after. Other suspicious behavior might include carrying a bag or shouldering a backpack (which might be used to carry weapons), wearing a face mask (obviously negated during the current pandemic) or headwear, and running shoes (“They’re preferred over street shoes or sandals if somebody might need to make a quick getaway”).

As a sequel from the 2017 film It, It: Chapter Two is one of the scariest and most popular horror films that came out over the past years and is still going strong in 2021 – making it a great time to dress up as one of the most well-known, evil clowns. One passenger, believed to be in his 60s or 70s lost consciousness after being stabbed, according to Kyodo News. Made of stainless steel, they can be used for mounting glasses on any structural substrates without being visible from the outside. A very popular costume with men(some of who are old enough to have grown up with this version, or at least old enough to remember the reruns) it has been reviewed by lots of satisfied customers and has received much praise with people being happy with both quality and size. If your personality’s as huge as one of these Masked Singer costumes, then surprise your “fans” with a DIY outfit complete with lots of black feathers, fringe and leather.

One video uploaded on Twitter showed a steady stream of people running away from a train car where, seconds later, a blaze lit up. Smoke was seen inside the No. 3 car with around 30 people aboard, the operator said. According to investigative sources, Hattori has told police that he was not doing well at work and not getting along with people. At around 6:40 p.m., Hattori boarded an Inokashira Line train, then transferred to a Keio Line train headed to Chofu Station in western Tokyo. The floor of the Keio Line train and seats were burned in the attack that occurred around 8 p.m., but none of the around 15 passengers in the vicinity suffered any injury. Then what can rail companies do, proactively, to protect their passengers? It was also reported hydrochloric acid was thrown during the attack, which occurred on the Keio express line bound for Shinjuku, the world’s busiest rail station. The train failed to line up properly with the platform when it made an emergency stop at Kokuryo Station. In August, the day before the Tokyo Olympics closing ceremony, a 36-year-old man stabbed 10 passengers on a commuter train in Tokyo in a random burst of violence.