Leaks:Todd McFarlane DC Multiverse

Today we’re looking at what has been leaked to be coming out this year in the Todd McFarlane DC Multiverse 7 inch action figure line. These may not be 100% accurate but when the Strong Collectors find a leak, we only report the ones that seem the most true and so far we haven’t been wrong.
Let us know which of these figures you’re most excited for.
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30 thoughts on “Leaks:Todd McFarlane DC Multiverse

  1. Jephon

    Would love to see more live action stuff. I know I’m likely in the minority but more figures from the CW shows, the Titans show and Doom Patrol would be so sweet..

  2. ChickenPit

    1. White knight is a good series, but the design doesn't really translate well into an action figure IMO
    2. I don't really see the appeal of the "line art" variant3
    3. Adam west is not included in the 6-pack, rumor has it that there will be a bat signal included, with interchangeable bat logo

  3. Marvin Lee

    The 89 Batman is a sure thing because it's already has listing overseas. The roof will be correctly done in black. Won't be a 2 sweater like I wanted but just a slight re-paint. The 89 Batman figure is already done because you can see the 89 mold on the re-painted re bat suit. He is going to use the current legs, arms and head and utility belt of the Flash Batsuit. And put a 89 Bat logo on the figure. An easy re-paint very slight re-tool of what he already has and a super easy cash grab

  4. Christian Ada

    First I love your channel, second Todd McFarlane has an unhealthy obsession for Batman

    I want a Classic Wonder Woman, a Classic Zatanna, Classic Hawkman, Spectre and Plastic Man

  5. Heroic Dale

    What if you get the 89 Batman with the Batmobile then in the WB 6 pack you get Keaton from Returns, Kilmer, Clooney, Bale from Begins, Affleck from BvS and Pattinson??

  6. Alejandro Caracciolo

    "Patina" is a painting style for sculptures. The "patina" variants are painted resembling that style.
    Making a modern take on Atomic Skull should be easy. They only need to repaint that Batman Beyond villain, Blight.