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Stagg remained behind in Gotham, even in the wake of Scarecrow’s plans, as he saw additional opportunities for profit, and waited for the appropriate moment to present itself to offer his assistance to both the criminals and the government in exchange for personal gain. Stagg had previously worked with Crane to perfect a chemical agent and weapon that he could sell to other countries for commercial gain but betrayed him once he learned that the villain wished to use the Cloudburst in his plans for revenge, and kept the device for himself to sell. In fact, Harley’s newest weapon has already been teased by Greg Capullo. While the Knight was able to escape, Scarecrow was infuriated that the hero had managed to destroy his ultimate weapon and was no longer able to use it against the rest of the world. Scarecrow took Gordon hostage once again and left in a militia aircraft, while he ordered a squadron of tanks to pin Batman down in the meantime. Using stealth and deception, Batman managed to destroy all of the Cobra Tanks and faced the Knight head-on in a showdown with their vehicles.

Halloweeen Club Costume Superstore. The Joker Grand Heritage Adult Mens Costume Meanwhile, Batman visited Ivy at the GCPD Lockup and managed to convince her to help him destroy Scarecrow’s toxin, as all plants within the city and beyond would also be affected, by using her unique ability to control plant life. Ivy then used the last of her will and strength to amplify the ancient trees and destroyed all of the toxins with the pheromone, and tragically gave up her life in the process. The oldest of those trees still resided within Gotham’s Botanical Gardens. Ivy revealed that the founders of the land that became Gotham believed in an abundance of nature and planted countless, massive trees. After he finally revealed the location of Oracle at the same safe house and gas chamber that Ivy was previously imprisoned at, Scarecrow revealed that Oracle’s remaining time was limited. However, Hush was unaware that Bruce and Batman were one and the same and was shocked when the hero revealed his true identity after Hush threatened to murder Lucius if Wayne was not delivered to him. Dismisses Bruce’s concerns until Bruce admits that he might love Selina. In the end, Batman was able to rebuild his family and keep Gotham safe, with his heroics always remembered as a legend that sustained the city, with Gordon unveiling a statue of the hero to commemorate him, while Scarecrow became the very thing that he had hoped and failed to turn Bruce Wayne into, a frightened and cowering man for the entire world to see.

Take me out to the ballgame! Nothing like a perfect spring Florida afternoon to watch a game and soak in the feels of a baseball stadium. Not only has the Joker been defeated and his goons captured, Catwoman – currently in a committed relationship with Batman – stole it all back and gave it to the family of Lucius Fox, CEO of Wayne Enterprises, who seem to have decided to keep the roughly $20 billion and use it for good. Though the red suit was a good change joker purple suit is one of the most fitting wardrobe choice for the deranged villain. Despite the overwhelming odds, suicide squad joker costume Batman was able to rescue Stagg before he locked him up in one of his experimental cages for the GCPD to pick him up due to his role in Scarecrow’s plans and obtained one of Stagg’s energy cells to power up the Batmobile again. Despite being in a field ostensibly about critiquing and enjoying quality games, his most played game of 2019 was Fate/Grand Order – something unlikely to change in 2020 and beyond. To tie up all loose ends, Scarecrow sent a handful of the militia to search for and murder Stagg in order to prevent any further interference in his plans from his previous associate.

It’s hypothetical of course, but had an AI system been in place, the Kyoto Animation arson attack in July 2019 – the largest mass murder in Japan’s modern history, with 36 people killed and another 34 injured – might have been thwarted. First up, we have Joker’s signature outfit, which can also double as the Shujin Academy uniform. The first time Batman confronted Bane, he was brutally beaten and his armory had been compromised. After he dove head first into the cloud of toxin, Batman used the cell to energize the Batmobile once again with his mind slowly losing its sanity to Joker’s consciousness due to the effects of the toxin. Unfortunately, due to Joker’s interference, Scarecrow was able to gas Batman once again and escaped with the Cloudburst. In actuality, Oracle was still alive, with Batman’s account of her death a byproduct of the fear toxin in his veins as he looked at Barbara while she was held captive within the gas chamber. Hot Toys is doing two versions: this one is from the beginning of the movie, when he still is wearing the old suit, previously seen in Batman Begins, and the DCD import version will be his later, newly designed suit.

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