Michael Keaton Wasn’t Sure He Wanted To Be In “Batman” With Jack Nicholson | Letterman

Michael talks about his iconic role as the Caped Crusader.
(From “Late Night,” air date: 6/22/89)

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39 thoughts on “Michael Keaton Wasn’t Sure He Wanted To Be In “Batman” With Jack Nicholson | Letterman

  1. mediascribble

    celebrities mostly are just ordinary people. They certainly usually are talented, and even more importantly, they have to have that intangible something to be big hits. They also have to be okay with showing up in very public situations, like being on this show for instance. If they make it big their life is given to the craft.

  2. 16422461

    Never looked like Batman, was too lazy to work out and try to look a little like a Bruce Wayne shape, got the job because his friendship with the director and his Batman movies are only good because of the vilains.

  3. Jamie Frisby (Dracula)

    Michael Keaton for me will always be the one and only batman and Beetlejuice for me. You know, a lot of people never thought Michael Keaton could pull Batman off, after coming off Beetlejuice, but he was better than most thought. The 89 Batman is one of my favourite all time Batmans

  4. keefriff99

    Ha, what a GREAT interview…Keaton is always hilarious.

    Batman ‘89 is a bit dated but I still love it. Jack was a PERFECT Joker, and far from being kid-friendly, the film is actually very twisted in parts.

  5. Relentless Flashbackin'

    I never saw Michael Keaton as a comedian, I saw him as an actor.

    By the way the rule is that a comedian can be in a dramatic role meanwhile a dramatic actor will not work as a comedian (there are exceptions of course).

    And it's surprising that after the Keaton dramatic role in "Clean And Sober" people still were thinkin' about him as "Mr. Mom".

    And it's surprising that all the Batman that we had after Keaton and Conroy were just other characters pretendin' to be Batman. We got teenage idol Kilmer, spinsters idol Clooney, hopelessly depressed Bale and two pretty boys from a boy band tryin' so hard to be "grim and bad" that were laughable as hell.

    And I didn't hear so much noise as the one that was made for Keaton, time are different now, people accepts even more the predigested food that Big Companies are serving in movie theaters.

  6. Chemical Brother 76

    Such a great rapport between these two gentlemen. Keaton could have been a great Joker too. Burton's Batmans are my favorite because they are dark, but there's still a feeling of a fairy tale. There's a distance between that world and a real one. Nowadays, they blur that line, and it dangerously messes with the audience's mind.