NINJAGOCAST REACTS! Dragons Rising | Episode 3 “Crossroads Carnival” Reaction

Join NINJAGOCAST as we make our triumphant return to reacts, this time on Keep the Piece! We’ll be watching and reacting to Ninjago’s new series, DRAGONS RISING, with new episode reactions coming daily!

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12 thoughts on “NINJAGOCAST REACTS! Dragons Rising | Episode 3 “Crossroads Carnival” Reaction

  1. The Extra Crispy Colonel

    For the "when did jay stop being funny" question, I think it was finalized in the fire chapter, when his voice was up-pitched.

    I've heard people say he wasn't funny after Skybound, but Jay is overall pretty consistent in HoT and the oni trilogy, both in maintaining some of his Skybound development and in actually being funny as well