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5 Dumbest Goofs In JOKER!

Number 1
Arthur can be seen running in clown shoes, but just a second later, he’s seen running in his own black street shoes.

Number 2
When Arthur shoots the three men in the subway, he’s using a Smith and Wesson Chief Special 38 which only holds six rounds, but you can clearly hear Arthur shoot the gun eight times without reloading.

Number 3
Joker is in the back of police car #9189, and it is crashed and damaged not too long after he’s put in. When Joker comes back to consciousness, one of the two police cars that responds is #9189.

Number 4
While the film is set in 1981, the Energizer bunny appears in a commercial, but he wasn’t introduced until 1988.

Number 5
There’s also a Kellogg’s commercial featuring Keanu Reeves. This commercial wasn’t aired until 1987.


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