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hinata hyuga cosplay costume

You can have your favorite item created for you with your measurements or special request. At seemingly every convention, gaming event and meet-up even since Overwatch was shown off to the world, there have been people cosplaying as its characters. One woman is pictured kissing a Dalek during the event. The costume and props are amazingly detailed — and those wings are rather impressive.

cloud strife cosplay costume

We have pop culture costumes like our Beetlejuice striped suit along with Marshmello, Dungeons and Dragons, The Boys, Avatar: The Last Airbender, green lantern suit Dodgeball and many more brand new styles for you. I have about fifteen finished costumes. So we just started watching ‘Star Wars’ together and started hanging out more,” Lexi said. “And then we started cosplaying together just because we realized we were both really into it.