The Cast and the Curious: Fast X

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The Casters are back and they’re more Curious than ever! The CAC gang spends 10 minutes making some predictions about the movie, go see it, and then proceed to podcast for about 2 hours about the whirlwind that is the latest installment of the series.

Bridgett Greenberg:
Sarah Griffith:

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5 thoughts on “The Cast and the Curious: Fast X

  1. Andrew Golubiewski

    As someone who doesn't watch movies I really do enjoy the small beans podcasts. You're all well informed and enthusiastic about the movies you discuss and it lets me be entertained keeping up with pop culture without needing to stop doing everything and stare at a screen for hours on end.

  2. Deadline63

    45:20 – gesundheit. I love the energy you both bring, especially for this particluar episode. The passion and fun you both seem to be having with it, makes these so enjoyable. Keep up the good work and grind. Looking forward to continued content.

  3. Steven Somers

    I watched Fast X on Saturday. A few hours later I thought, "Man, it is too bad the Cast and the Curious is over. I would love to have an episode of it about this one."
    And here it is!