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Today at Double Toasted we have our The Flash review. In this funny video, we look at The Flash trailer before going in-depth into our review. We discuss the Ezra Miller performance, Michael Keaton’s return as Batman, a huge problem we have with the film and more! What did you think of The Flash? Let us know in the comment section below.


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33 thoughts on “THE FLASH MOVIE REVIEW | Double Toasted

  1. DAPYT

    Not gonna lie, knowing what happens to Supergirl, I’m glad Henry wasn’t there, also I don’t think Visually it would come close to Zack Synders visuals

  2. J. J. Q

    Good review, I loved this movie a lot, but as if Superman I was never a fan of his so to me in my opinion I’m glad we got super girl. As for the effects of the cameo I think it’s because they didn’t have the likeness. Because if they paid for them and now it’s a bomb they must be glad they didn’t get those extra money for it.

  3. Deanthony Potts

    Julian called this one of they best DC films? Nah this comes no where near Dark Knight, The Batman, and Man of Steel. Hell I'll even say The Suicide Squad excelled the action and comedic timing

  4. Averagehero1

    Listening to the audio version of both this and transformers I just KNEW I had to see the video version of these reviews. Needless to say, I haven't been disappointed yet of Koreys' costumes choices. Love you guys.

  5. K. Delpino

    I think this is on par with Justice League:The Snyder Cut with it's epicness.
    Ezra Miller does own it as the lead.
    Loved Sasha Calle as Supergirl.
    Affleck & Keaton, both as Batman and just fine with me.

    I liked the effects.
    Heard that the way they looked was on purpose, like it or not.

    Everybody's powers and abilities coming through in major doses.
    The nods, easter eggs to the comics (including Flashpoint) are so good.
    I saw this IMAX and got a kick out of it.

    Keaton actually was going to do 3 films.
    The Flash (2023), the recently unreleased Batgirl movie
    and………Batman Beyond (yes, it was going to happen).

    Say what you want about the film.
    It was done, finished and it's here.
    The DCEU close to the end and we might as enjoy it while we can.

  6. Daric

    It makes sense Bruce (Michael Keaton) had thought about time travel to where he could explain it to Barry…I am sure he thought about and researched what time travel would do if he could do it in order to save his parents. He realized that, even if he could do it, he knew it would screw everything up and it ain't worth it.

  7. drakogs

    I must be crazy cuz I gave this 6 out of 10. I felt con’s weighed out pros, including but not limited to Ezra portrayal as Barry Allen (feels like Peter Parker), that CGI was super horrendous, the flash suit itself looks kind of awkward and like he has a big head, the third act was too rushed and felt like a lot happening at once, the references to other heroes that we know will never be seen again because the actors were done dirty (Cyborg, Superman), Supergirl having less than 15 mins in the movie, and overall the movie being a watered down Flashpoint. Very disappointing. Go watch The Flashpoint Paradox, way better movie