The Flash: Required Viewings | Batman v Superman: Ultimate Edition Watchalong

In the second series of our Required Viewings Watchalongs for upcoming film #TheFlash, we are watching the Ultimate Edition of Zack Snyder’s masterpiece Batman v Superman!! Throughout the film we will be discussing the film and it’s connectivity to The Flash and also our thoughts on the film post-Full Circle! Tune in as we discuss and breakdown this classic!

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19 thoughts on “The Flash: Required Viewings | Batman v Superman: Ultimate Edition Watchalong

  1. Iron Will Fitness

    That airline stewardess, on Diana Prince’s Airplane ✈️. Would never have said Miss Prince. She would’ve said something like hey ma’am. But that was pretty cool of Zack to put that in there for someone to pick up.
    Ha ha.✊🏻

  2. Iron Will Fitness

    HA HA HA HA…… I LOVE ❤️ HOW. Batman promised Superman. Martha wont DIE TONIGHT. Superman gave him that look like…. Do I believe him. Well….Clark thinks. He did set out to whoop my ass.😮. And just 👀 LOOK where we are NOW.😆 You KNOW, its safe to say…..

    ..Batman KEEPS HIS WORD😂

  3. Iron Will Fitness

    I also think. Its so fuckin cool. That Batman treats a knocked out Superman. Like, he just captured… an ANIMAL. That just shows you. How disconnected mentally, BATMAN Is.😂🤣😂

  4. Iron Will Fitness

    The way Snyder had Batman calculate Superman’s moves. Thinking 💭 three steps ahead. Made Batman much more believable! Superman fell right into Batman’s target for the Krypto-gas. Right in Clarks FACE.

  5. Iron Will Fitness

    I totally LOVE how Superman is trying to explain to Batman. Until finally he realizes the only language Batman understands. Is violence. Ha ha. Thats when he starts to put a Lil thump on him.

  6. Iron Will Fitness

    Broooo. When Diana is looking at the hard drive Bruce unlocked for her… she reads…. “That photograph doesn’t belong to you………..It IS You. BOOM💣You hear soft undertones. Of the coolest super hero theme music EVER❕Next to John Williams score for SUPERMAN That is. No doubt I feel LITERALLY, PRIDE, HONOR, & DUTY, when SUPERMAN’S theme comes on. But Wonder Woman’s makes me wanna beat people up. Pound my chest, then 🏃🏻‍♂️ into battle. Ha ha

  7. Iron Will Fitness

    I used to absolutely LOVE ❤️, in spite of it being very camping. The Adam West series, Batman. Even then, though. That two hour movie with shark repellent was laughably ridiculous.

  8. Iron Will Fitness

    Yes, @Josh Herrera. The commentator that really did add realism to it for me as well. Big time. That’s a big big thing to have you drawn into the world. They did that quite a bit in the dark Knight.

  9. Iron Will Fitness

    Yeah SkiiWalker, In the BvS fight. They really did convince me of a plausible way of how Bat Fleck could’ve won the fight. As ridiculous as one would think it to be for that outcome.🤷🏻‍♂️

  10. Iron Will Fitness

    You know what I wonder. About the first time Bruce Wayne meets Clark Kent. It feels like Clark knows he’s speaking to the Batman already, without having done a bit of digging. Just right off rip. Maybe that’s an ignorant statement. Perhaps you should take me to school @SkiiWalker Tha Jedi ❓❔

  11. Iron Will Fitness

    Yeah@Josh Herrera & @SkiiWalker Tha Jedi . This event you guys are speaking of in the dark Knight rises. Shattered my image of Batman, seeing his back broken. And seeing him struggle, So HARD to fight Bane. And not do well at all. Was very hard. Transfer your other question I could never see Christian Bale taking on Henry Cavill.

  12. Iron Will Fitness

    Yeah SkiiWalker, Jeremy Irons character is doing a whole lot more. And I would say he’s basically doing the things Lucius Fox did, for, Christian Bale Batman. Wouldn’t you, bro?