The Office – 4×1 Fun Run Part 1 – Group Reaction

Season 4 begins! When Michael hits Meredith with his car, he begins to think Dunder Mifflin may be cursed as The Normies react to The Office Season 4 Episode 4 “Fun Run Part 1.” Be sure to stick around after the reaction for our discussion.

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40 thoughts on “The Office – 4×1 Fun Run Part 1 – Group Reaction

  1. J R

    A writer’s strike did happen but it was mid season. Kevin Riley, then an executive at nbc, ordered 4 hour long episodes to start out season 4. The Office was really popular at this point. They didn’t halt production until after episode 12. You guys are going to have fun when you get to the episode they give us after the strike 😂

  2. 522abet

    As an avid fan of The Office that has seen the original versions several times over, I can tell you the super fan episodes are great. A ton of extra content thats really funny. But if you haven't seen the episodes at all then its not a big deal. You dont really know what youre missing.

  3. moveonjenkins

    If I remember correctly, while the episodes were two-parters, they aired back-to-back. [Aaaand you just said this 😅]

    When this episode originally aired, I had just moved to South Carolina. (Lived with a friend and her girlfriend for a few months; was supposed to be more permanent, alas…) I will always remember sitting in a bean bag in our furniture-less apartment, cackling over Michael hitting Meredith with the car. One of my roommates came into the living room to check on me. “I was about to make a phone call— You good?”

  4. Nin

    so in the bible, the nation of Israel was known to betray God from time to time by just building altars to other false gods, and most of these gods were just combinations of various animals or humanoids with animal heads. I think that's what they were trying to go in that scene where Michael just starts wondering what if God doesn't exist, and just makes up a new false god from the top of his head, basically what they used to do.

    Or maybe it was just a random script lmao

  5. Daniel L.

    Guys, it's one episode, not two. Please stop watching the extended episodes. The original episodes are better paced. The extended editions are really just for superfans who've watched the show a bunch already.

  6. Scott Boswell

    This is one of my 2 favorite starts of an episode! The way Meredith rolls over the hood and onto the windshield is great physical comedy! For me, this season is when the show starts hitting its peak, no more will they/won't they with Jim and Pam, the rest of the office gets more character development, lots of growth too.

  7. patethenovice

    I've been a dog person but my cousin passed his cat off to me. I'm in love with her, she's my bestie, I've discovered all the cute things cat owners know about.
    Still they're tricky little fckers.

  8. ghost Lee

    What baffles me is their thinking ketchup on fries is a whacky idea…it's two ways, on the side or over them its not as crazy as you're trying to make it…