Top 20 Memorable Movie Heists

We’re in! For this list, we’ll be looking at some of the most exciting heists from film. Since we’re discussing plot details a spoiler warning is in effect. Our countdown includes scenes from “Logan Lucky”, “Die Hard with a Vengeance”, “Point Break” and more! Have a favorite movie heist? Let us know in the comments below!

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46 thoughts on “Top 20 Memorable Movie Heists

  1. Kelvin Cannon

    With this “whitewashed” 💩, someone’s gonna havta invent a “BlackTube,” to get “memorable African American heist,” on a list!

    2-Pac was “the basehead of base!” 2-Pac easily goes on any list of “greatest baselines of all time,” but not WatchMojos “whitewashed lists!”

    “Set-it-off” was alright, despite it being a “chick-flick” but, & also “Dead Presidents” should’ve included on this list too…

    …when I say racism, the kkk, nazis, & white supremest have disappeared into thin-air, off-of-face the earth, & overnight in the U.S. you’d be hard-pressed to believe, that not including talented African American artists amidst these whitewashed lists, is the work of all of the above incognito!



  2. Jasmine

    Mastermind (hilarious af and a great movie based off a true story) and Dead Presidents (a cult classic and one of the most memorable movies that to this day ppl still recognize even to Halloween costumes)… I jus don’t get how those 2 didn’t make the list..

  3. Jonathan Martin

    Please!! The Dark Knight doesn't even belong here… it was barely a heist.
    It would be bettee if The Italian Job remake/sequel is more deserving of a spot here as it's not even exactly a remake. Charlie even mentioned that "We'll do it like the Italian job"… thus confirming that the original did happen.

  4. Bruce Miller

    Uhhh… Did anyone hear actually watch "Sneakers"? It is literally one fascinating heist after another. Maybe it doesn't deserve the top spot, but not to include it in the Top 20? You people should be ashamed.