When The Joker Meets Another Joker

When The Joker Meets Another Joker
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In this video I recorded and edited, I showcase funny and sad intro dialogue between Two Jokers in Mortal Kombat 11.

Game: Mortal Kombat 11

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47 thoughts on “When The Joker Meets Another Joker

  1. Harnoor Singh

    Spawn after meeting joker : I fu*king hate clowns
    (Calls batman)

    Hey brucie, I need your help. I could use a friendly face for this problem

    What is it spawn ?

    Gotham's infestation has spread over the hell, and the other inmates are scared of this clown

    I'm batman

    I know bro, you don't need to remind me over and over again

  2. Max Taylor

    All I got the say is fuck my state the people and the government here and ASSSS and stupid as fuck the only good thing about this state is that how Beautiful the ocean and woods and lakes and deserts are other than that fuck my state

  3. Filmaru

    The funny thing is that in one of the Harley Quinn the Animates Series comics there is a story that tells the tale of Three Jokers who went to College together

  4. Mao Sama

    I know mark hamil has retired doing the joker role but i would want 3 different VA for the joker if he ever be a guest character again for MK or any other game.

    Imagine troy baker , jack nicholson and mark hamill in one game